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How to add pages with content to your website

Adding content and sub-pages to your MereChurch couldn't be simpler! Once your site is launched and ready to go you may need to add more pages to your site over time. 

To add a page, just click the 'Pages' menu on the far left —from there, you'll see a list of all your pages. Click the '+' icon to add a new page. 

(Quick Tip: You can also click the '+ Create' button in the upper left by your church name and type in 'Pages' to quickly add a new Page from anywhere in the software).

The MereChurch content editor is designed to give you full control of your content, without bothering you over minute visual details. Every block you can add to your page content will work well with your theme, regardless of which one you've picked!

The blocks available to you when creating a new page.

Here are the available blocks in the content field when you are adding pages to your MereChurch:

  • Normal text content (Bold/Italic/Underline/Strikethrough)
  • Heading 2, 3, and 4 (How to use headings effectively)
  • Blockquote
  • Bulleted/Numbered Lists
  • Link
  • Columns
    • Title (text)

    • Number of Columns (number)

    • Column X (contains a nested content block)
  • Image

    • Label (text)

    • Image File (image lookup)

    • Alt Text (text)

    • Alignment (dropdown: left/center/right)

    • Size (dropdown: small/medium/full)
  • Image with Content - attractively display a block of text next to an image
    • Heading (text)

    • Image File (image lookup)

    • Alignment (dropdown: left/center/right)

    • Content (a place to add content, only text styles are available)
  • Image Gallery
- Add individual image blocks (max 5, image lookup)
  • Video - embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo
    • Download link (url)
  • Button Group - show a group of buttons on the page
    • Label (text)
    • Alignment (dropdown: left/center/right)

    • Buttons (add each individual button, max 3)
      • Label (text)
      • Link (can be an internal page or a URL)
  • Accordion - Show collapsing sections of content on a page
    • Label (name this accordion element —only shows up in your admin view) 
    • Items (each individual accordion item)'
      • Title (text)
      • Content (a place to add content, only text styles are available)
  • Feature Block - Add attractive navigation to other pages on your site
    • Title (text)
    • Background Image (image)
    • Link Label (text)
    • Link (can be an internal page or a URL)
  • Staff Embed
- Add a card with a person's info on a page.
    • People (lookup)

    • Show link to Bio? (true/false)
  • Featured Events
- Embed upcoming events, or show a handpicked list of featured events
    • Use upcoming events? (true/false)
    • Featured Events (lookup)
  • Featured Resources
- Embed a resource(s), or show the latest resource(s)
        ▪    Title (text)
        ▪    Use Latest resources? (true/false)
        ▪    Resources (lookup)
  • Form
- Embed a reference to an existing form, or create a new one.
    • Form embed (lookup)
  • Audio Player
- Add an audio player to a page that plays an uploaded MP3 file
    • Label (text)
    • Audio File (file)
    • Audio Link (url) - If both a file and a link are provided, the file will be used.
  • HTML Embed
- Add arbitrary HTML content to your page. This is useful for embedding HTML forms from external sources, like your ChMS or giving solution.
        ▪    Title (text) - If left blank, nothing will display.
        ▪    Raw HTML (textarea)

In general, when you publish a page you should expect the changes to be reflected on your live site within about ten minutes. Have questions about how you can add a particular piece of content to one of your internal pages? Just ask us! We're happy to help.